We open client accounts in their name at the custodian of their choice.  The custodians offer our clients taxable accounts, IRA accounts, as well as no-load annuities (which allow us numerous exchanges from their various mutual fund choices at no charge, as well as not generating a taxable event every time we do an exchange).  You will also receive monthly statements, trade confirmations, and other communications regarding your account from the custodian you have chosen.  In most cases, the custodian even emails our clients, every time a transaction has occurred in the clients account.  This convenience allows clients to easily stay abreast of their accounts performance.  All clients give us limited power-of-attorney, so we are able to execute trades on their behalf, as well as bill our fees.  Our trading and recommendations are in accordance with their Mutual Fund Timing Profile and Suitability Questionnaire, which we complete for each individual client.