“We organize and simplify your financial affairs, and we help you make informed decisions that will enable you to achieve your financial goals….”
Todd Butterfield CIO
The teachings of Richard Wyckoff and our strict adherence to the strategies & techniques is what sets The BlackBay Group apart from everyone else…..Todd Butterfield

“The BlackBay Difference”
Clients of The BlackBay group are able to invest comfortably knowing that all decisions regarding their financial investments are being made based on profitable investment strategies dating back to the 1920’s . These strategies as taught by great investor and teacher Richard Wyckoff, have proven to be one of the best well kept secrets in the investment world. Todd Butterfield, The BlackBay Group’s President is not only a Graduate of The Wyckoff Stock Market Institute but currently sits as current president of WyckoffSMI.com . An online learning institute teaching the investment strategies of Richard Wyckoff. For more information on WyckoffSMI Or Richard Wyckoff click here.

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Todd Butterfield
The BlackBay Group
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The BlackBay Group offers a number of services to help you attain your financial goals. Whether it be stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, commodities, or the numerous choices in the alternative investment space.

BlackBay Capital Advisors LLC provides customized investment services on a fee-only basis. This eliminates potential conflicts of interest associated with being compensated based upon commissions charged to your account. Therefore, every recommendation we make is in the client’s best interest, as the client’s satisfaction is our only goal.

BlackBay Futures Group LLC., is registered as an Introducing Broker guaranteed thru Straits Financial LLC, to provide futures brokerage services, as well as access to numerous alternative investment choices.

BlackBay Fund Management LLC, is registered as a Hedge Fund to offer the BlackBay Blended Strategy Fund LP, to accredited investors.

We invite you to learn more about The BlackBay Group, by clicking on the various areas of our website. We offer information about the firm, and how we conduct our business. We also detail our experience, services and fees.

Blackbay Blended Mutual Fund Investment Strategy

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Blackbay Blended ETF Investment Strategy

Click the button for more information detailing our BlackBay Blended ETF Strategy that has returned over 150% since 2010
(Minimum investment of $250,000 required)

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